Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

We made the Mag covers! Lol!!

Sure as hell wish it was that warm and sunny right here, right now....

Ha Ha!! Carlo's face was a picture! Bless him he thought they were real...!!

So, everyone's opened their cards and pressies now so I can add in the pic of Carl's treat.
No money spare this year so no fancy gifts... but I did make him this - Cupid Poop! ;-)

Yum Yum!

Hope everyone has a lovely valentines day whatever you have planned. Us? We're just staying home. We'll cook a nice dinner... surf and turf I think, and maybe get a film. Too blinking cold to go out anyway!

Happy Anniversary to Jazz and Erk who are celebrating in Fuerteventura... with the kids in tow :-)

Happy days guys!

And i'll leave you with my mojoholder layout from last night:

And Sarah's fab sketch

with LOVE


Anonymous said...

Lmao @the poop!

Carl will appreciate that!

Jane xxx

Pam said...

Those magazine covers are so cool!!

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