Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm a disaster

I'm a fraud...

My banner quite clearly suggests I'm keeping all my balls in the air.... And actually, I'm not.
I CAN'T!!!

Home, helping my dad, blogs, work, worries, facebook, I can't keep up, so apologies to the faithful few who pop on here when bored and have nothing better to do.... and discover that once again, i've slipped behind.

No posts from me in days.... :-(

My news:

My middle dd has been told she is expecting a little boy! Wonderful news!! The newest member of the Walker clan should arrive sometime early July, so small blue bits and bobs are finding their way into shopping baskets all over the world :-) This even's us up to 3 of each now, and hopefully that's it! Babies are fantastic, but expensive - well worth it though, coz Nannie loves the pics... ;-) (and the little peeps, obviously!)

Layout featuring one little peep!

This hybrid layout was made using digi images printed and cut out and the bits can be purchased as a brilliant collab kit by Kate and Kaye at the lilypad.

I robot

Kate has another collab out this week, this time with Jacque, which would be brilliant if you have 50's pics to scrap, or just love the whole Grease thing


So anyway... time to run!
have a fabby weekend bloggy buddies xxxxx



Sue said...

LOl ..I know what you mean..i will def NOt be updating daily when i am back at school next week.
congratulations to middle Dort on the news of a boy :D
Have a lovely weekend xx

jo said...

That's fab news hun! Congrats to all:)

Paula said...

Well from a full time working woman who finds more & more of her "Me" time eaten away, I sympathise fully with you. Life is a devil for getting in the way, but we do only get one so we should make the very best of each moment & perhaps we women should not juggle the balls well & drop a few once in a while.
Fabulous news about your daughter's news.

Anonymous said...

lovin the robot LO Jakes!
CC xxxxxxxxx

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