Saturday, February 07, 2009

Green Tea Tales...

I went to Morrisons....

Alright girls - before you start...
I know I go there a lot. (my kids think I live there - I don't! - it's just that it's on my way home so I often pop in and always seem to be there when they ring me after i've just left work...)

So, I went to Morrisons and I bought some flavoured green teas. 25 sachets in a box (nice box, alterers... ;-) ) 5 sets of five different flavours. At least there should have been... but no, out of the 387 boxes on Morrisons shelf, I pick up the only one that has no citrus flavour and two lots of orange and lotus leaf. Which obviously, is the one flavour I find I don't care for!

Aint it the way?

Carl on the other hand, went to Tesco's - which is on his way. He went for onions, bread, a 2litre carton of milk, a block of cheese and some peppers. He came home with a scruffy half dead onion and a semi squashed pint pot of milk - the last pint of milk in the shop I might add! The Co Op was worse... rationing bread - one loaf per customer - people in there with 5 kids... one loaf each...

No deliveries! No food! 6 inches of snow and we go to pieces! England grinds to a halt while society breaks down all around us.... yea Gods! How the hell do Canadians get so big??? LOOK AT THIS!!!!

Now, that's what you call a snowfall eh?
house is under there!!
And you never hear about Canadians starving to death in their own homes do you... No.
You don't.

People take note.

Friday's mojoholder - a lift of Mara May
Sarah's sketch

My LO:

Carlo and Vin several years ago in Mevagissey, Cornwall. It never stopped raining the whole week we were down there! In August! Lol... gotta love the great British weather eh?

I've been playing with Kate's Feb BYOC. The place is upside down in prep for the new Central Heating (yikes!) and much of my craft room is packed up in boxes, so I had a go at a digi LO. I'm crap I know but everyone had to learn, and anyone who knows me knows I won't read the FM so I have to learn by my own mistakes. One day maybe I'll learn to read a tutorial or something, who knows.....

Here it is:

LONG way to go springs to mind... ahh well.

Have fun people!


Paula S said...

It really makes you wonder doesn't it, a teeny bit of snow and everything comes to a halt! Lol, at the squashed milk and onion though. Tesco cancelled my shopping delivery that day even though they only come from down the road!!

Hannah said...

Lol, you crack me up Jake!

Han xx

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