Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just what I needed...

Feeling rough as, I was so glad to see Carlos home tonight. Though I was off work poorly, I found I couldn't just lay down and rest, as everytime I tried, I either couldn't breathe because my nose was blocked up, or I had the snuffles so bad I was up and down like a yoyo grabbing for the tissue box every 2 seconds.... I hate colds and flu's!

Instead I went into the garden and harvested all the apples that the squirrells hadn't eaten and shared them out with my elderly neighbours. (We'll all be eating crumble and pie every night for the next two months I should think!)

So anyway - I'm back indoors and Carlo comes home. He says.... "I've got something for ya..." and I remember he was paid today....and I smile and hold my hands out expectantly.

Wine maybe??


Some trash mags to take my mind off my cold?

Nope! He gave me a packet of Beechmas flu plus and a box of Kleenex Ultra balm... !

What a man.... He always knows just what I need, eh? :-D

All about Eve is live tonight and the news that Maria and Hagit are stepping down is posted up. I'm very sad to see my teamies go, but totally understand where they are coming from. Sometimes it's just time, that's all. On a happy note though - we have a NEW DT member, and it's someone who's work I just love. Sarah Youde, otherwise known as monroegirl is joining us from tonight and has posted up her hysterical secret for this weeks challenge on the blog :-D Clearly as mad as a fish, I have to admire her wit and bravery... but we are expecting lots of other juicy secrets.. so if you're in a sharing kind of mood get over there and check out how you can put yourself in with a chance of winning a gorgeous Fall themed kit from Sara at The Paper Pixie.

here's my layout, and the secret about how I love this lil mutt more than most of the people I know... all 4 and a half pounds of her!


Ann(i)e said...

really hope you are feeling much much better!!!
Love your AAE layout...so bright...YUM!

Laura G said...

aww you gotta love minnie moo moo!!

Right I'm really sorry but I know very few to inflict it on and it's my first go and you're one so...(whispers) you're tagged. sorrrrrrrrryyyy I know you love being got.

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