Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am Tagged by Laura - oh Joy!! pmsl.

1- I was once a champion Dwyle Flonker - was even on the telly for it! (proper country bumpkin, me!)

2- I hate moths but they love me! Once in the middle of a pub (when I was 17)I stood transfixed as this huge hairy moth flew all around me and then KamiKazeed down the front of my ample bosom! Yeuuch! I can still feel it's dusty wings fluttering between the cups of my Gossards wonder bra... OMG I yanked the two sides of my top open - buttons flew everywhere, and the boob mad moth escaped... as did I, to the ladies loo, where my mate's mum sewed my buttons back on so I could leave with some dignity (but not much...)intact.

3-I have serious road rage.

4- I know all the words to Albert and the Lion (Stanley Holloway)

5- I eat jellied eels. And whelks. Even Winkles. I know.... tmi.

6- I still have my first ever camera - a Kodak brownie 127. I think I was 7 when I was given it.

7- I cry at the drop of a hat... sad films, books, a story in the paper, cruelty. Even cartoons make me cry... Ice Age, Lilo and stitch... pathetic, I know.

OK - I can't do the tagging thing. Everyone I know has been tagged to death, but if you fancy having a go... consider yourself well and truly tagged.

Now where's that Laura's addy... I need to delete it... :-) NOT!

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