Monday, October 15, 2007

Dear Me...

... I get worse at blogging every week. Used to be everyday, now I can't even manage once a week. I just don't have the time to be up here tbh... or if I'm really truthful , the inclination! Lol! ;-)

I don't scrap as much; don't chat as much, never surf, rarely shop, even more rarely blog hop - and as nothing ever happens in my life of any interest, what the devil do I have to blog about LOL!!!! Nothing!

Today I'm blogging coz i'm ill and therefore hanging around. I have the dreaded flu bug, which Carlo very kindly shared around last week and I feel wretched, so no work. I don't want to kill the poor old dears off completely, do I?

No. I do not ;-)

So, today
AAE goes live, and we have some news to share and... well, you'll see, when you get there.

This is my
Mojoholder from Friday where we scraplifted Emine. Her work is fantastic - very fresh and different, and I really didn't do her lovely layout justice, but as I said - I'm ill. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it... hee hee! But I did scrap a picture I've wanted to scrap for ages, and I don't often scrap ones of the kids when they were little (as I just have too too many) so i'm glad I had a go. You should check out the other girls work though - there's some proper yummy stuff on the mojo blog - trust me.

Pop back later for news from AAE.


MsGrace said...

I seem to go through blogging stages...sometimes alot sometimes not so much.

Love the LO!!

Sarah (aka monroegirl) said...

You DID do Emine's layout justice, yours is great!

I wonder what that AAE news could be.........mmmmm can't wait to find out lol.

{monica} said...

Your secret layout on the AAE blog is awesome!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

~waving hello~ Good to see you. :)

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