Friday, September 11, 2009

long time no post

Well it's been a very long break without a post from me. I've been unbelievably busy (still am as a matter of fact...) and that's meant I've not had much time for playing on the pc. Not had much time for any kind of playing tbh, so even scrapbooking - once a daily activity, has had to take a back seat. I still love scrapping/crafting etc but unchecked I can let it get in the way of other important things, so i've decided that for now it'll have to go on the back burner until I find time management a bit easier... Also, I'm seriously going to sort this room out and de-junk - it's too small a room and there's too much stuff in here taking up space and not being used. So clear out time at last.

The GOOD news today however... the GREAT news today...Is that one of my dreams is finally coming true.... after almost five years of pining for meemee...I'm going to be getting a Chihuahua puppy of my own!

I am. I am. I am! Not might be... not one day maybe... just... I am. I really am.

Deposit's paid, puppy's chosen, she's named, and first cuddles by us have been shared... So she's ours! :-)

Just need to let her grow a bit now and become big enough to leave her Mum, and then she's here.... with us... forever. I can't wait. Her Mexican name is Muchacha, but she'll just be Cha Cha to us, and the breeders are kindly already calling her that already so she's getting used to hearing her name :-)

Here she is just 12 days old, cradled in her new daddy's hands....

Look at that cute lil face! Still got her eyes shut here.

I can't believe she's mine... I love her to pieces.

And here with Vin, who's besotted already.

At the mo she's only a little over 2 weeks old, and her eyes opened on the 14th day. She's a light sable colour with dark tips... muzzle, ears and tail - what could be sweeter? But we know she could change as she grows, however, we're getting photo updates from the breeders, and we are of course welcome to visit anytime.

Eyes open now - 14days old.

Sooo stand by for the CHIHUAHUA layouts from ME folks!!


Paula said...

OMG she's sooo cute! Bet you'll have loads of fun with her:)

donna said...

you need to take a t shirt that smells of you to her so she can recognise your smell and then when she leaves mum she has the smell from their to stop her pining.
she is lush can't wait to meet her xx

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