Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pedal Power

So the holidays are well and truly over. Vin's back to college this week and my tan's fading fast... Still, we had a lovely fortnight in Lanzarote with the family, met our brand new Grandson, spent lots of time playing with our other Grandkids, chilled out, got sunburnt, and ate and drank too much. Yep - heaven :-)

I've managed to get a quick hybrid page done this morning. These doodles from Kate Hadfield were just perfect for the pics of our day out in Matagorda on the 4 wheel bike. If you've never ridden one of these let me tell you it's... an experience. Lol. Absolutely mad - but such a laugh. The truth is whoever was steering - and I never knew who it was but I knew it wasn't me... then we were all over the place. Great fun! However, I spent most of the time taking the pictures... I value my life - crap as it is much of the time ;-).

Roadworks Alpha

Are we there yet?
doodle pack

Happy Memories :-)

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