Monday, December 15, 2008

stocking up

I've been trying to do more multi photo pages, and to scrap some of my older snapshots. I've too many pictures altogether and by spending ages on each layout and using only one photo, i'm getting nowhere in my attempts to reduce the stacks of pix just sitting around here. I've come to the conclusion that ometimes it's ok to just make quick simple LO's that tell the story, and this is one of those. Every page doesn't have to be a masterpiece does it? :-)

I honestly can't believe how much Vinnie's changed since these were taken tho! He was just 10 here - and now he's 16, in college, and almost an adult... it feels like I blinked - and he went from a little kid, to grown up young man just like that... *sigh* Where does the time go?

I'malways grateful to Tamara for her multi photo sketches because they make it so easy to put a page together - all you have to do is find your pix! I used some of Kate's goodies from the lily pad on this one:

Tis the season

Sketchbook Alpha

Anyway - enough from me, i'm off for my bath and then i'm going to watch the dog whisperer.. anyone else love this show?
jk xx

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Paula - Buenos Aires said...

This is such a friendly blog I´ve given you the Friends award. :)

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