Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Most Disgruntled Snowman

Our visitors flew home yesterday. Friday was their last night and we had a family games evening round Donna's. Great fun! Loads of lovely food, Buzz and wii, and a few drinkies, but unfortunately interrupted by the boy who'd been out with his college classmates for their Christmas do... and had a little too much Christmas spirit. Ho hum. Kids!

So, Jazz and her crew have gone now, back to the Spanish sunshine, and we've finally finished putting up all our decorations and lights... I have to say it's begining to feel a lot like christmas round here! :-)

We had a run out to the garden centre while they were here... Beautiful trees and decorations, reindeer, father christmas's grotto, a sleigh, polar bears... and some mistletoe! Lol!

X Factor! My God! What happened there? Alex had a whole personality change...! did anyone else think she went totally weird last night? And the boys - who we voted for - didn't win. I know Alex is good... excellent even - and I was delighted that the silly eggnog boy went out - but I think the boys have come on incredibly, and they're such lovely lads... sigh.. I just wanted them to win. I think they deserved the break. Oh well, no doubt Louis will make them stars anyway... At least I hope so, there's room in the market for a new great boy band, and they've proved they're star material beyond doubt.

So, on to the disgruntled snowman!

Granddaughter Isabelle was given the star part in the school play 'The Most Disgruntled Snowman' (the snowman himself!) and last week when she came down with the sick bug we were panicked that she wouldn't get to perform. She did tho - and brilliantly! Considering she's only six, she was amazing. Never needed a single prompt and brought the house down several times with her delivery... she's a natural, and we were SO proud of her.

I can honestly say it was the BEST school play I've ever been to. The set was great, the costumes brilliant, but the kiddies were incredible.

Phew! All this blurring other people's kids is a bit of a drag, isn't it? Quite ruins the pictures too... but what can you do - I don't want the blog police on my back for exposing anyon'e child to potential danger...

And finally a quick LO for Kate using digital elements from the Lilypad

Sketchbook Alpha

Tis the season

Nativity Doodles

Right, off to make lunch, and then later some scrapping - I'm SO behind!! Lol!

have a super Sunday - hugs!


Anonymous said...

I love nativity plays! Your one looks lovely. I miss them since my children all grew up and left school. Roll on those grandbaby's!

suebaru said...

Love the school play photos,we're not allowed to take them anymore :(

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