Thursday, December 04, 2008

Knew i'd get behind again!

I always get behind in December.... it's such a busy time for me, at work and at home. I've been run off my feet all week, and there'll be no let up til christmas now because I like to make December really special for my oldies and i've organised a very full calendar. I managed to talk our local Homebase into donating me an 8ft Fir for the home and i've been putting dec's up all week at work - i'm blooming knackered - it's a BIG place!

Jazz and co fly in tonight, very excited to see them :-) I know the kids have grown loads becuase I get pics, but it's still always a shock to see how much they've changed anf grown up.

Note to self.. Jenna is now walking... hide the fridge magnets or lock up the cat flap... I remember Ruben's fave game at that age was posting my magnets everywhere - and some have still never been found to this day!! Lol!!

Pictures of another scamp today though - Matilda Brown at the farm whizzing round on the lil tyke's coupe's - look at that cheeky face!

Tamara's Sketches!

Keep well everyone - and keep warm - it's freezing here and my boy's on his way to Southampton to spend the day on a luxury cruise liner as part of his course work... there's just him and a handful of other boys - along with a coachload of air hostesses and girly travel reps... and in February they're all heading off for a holiday in a 4* hotel in Malta - course work, you understand... wink wink... His Dad says he doesn't remember college being like that.....!!
No, me neither!

Thank you for dropping in! have a fab day :-)

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