Friday, December 26, 2008

So this is Christmas...

So this is Christmas... different again to other years - with some things better, some things maybe not so good, and some things... well, y'know how some things just never change ;-)

We'd all decided this year, that as money's pretty tight we'd only buy for our partners and the kiddies, so grown up's were not buying for other grown ups - but it somehow didn't seem right. I really didn't love it, and I think next year we'll go back to exchanging little gifts - even if they're token ones. It just seems a bit sad and mean and as my eldest dd pointed out, the PC brigade have managed to erode enough of our traditions as it is... if we give up on Christmas and the spirit of Christmas... well... it doesn't bear thinking about really does it?

Much did stay the same however :-) We went to Church Christmas Eve afternoon, and the all kiddies dressed up as little angels and shepherds, though my Grandson was very poorly with this flu bug thingy so no pix of him... and there'll be more on that later :-(

Afterwards we came back here for a nice relaxed couple of hours enjoying good company, some festive food and a glass or two of mulled wine. I love Christmas Eve - it's so special.

Vinnie wrote an amusing note to Father Christmas, but at 16 he didn't expect too much.... he did however get too much! Ah well, why do we have them, if not to spoil them eh?

We had little visitors on Christmas day when Donz and Jonboy turned up with the dwarfs to open their presents. Mattie was by this time getting poorly with Sollo's bug, and got a bit cheesed off with Nannie taking photographs lol!

Ruben baked biscuits for Santa and his Daddy sent me some pics so I could share them - even if I couldn't eat any!
Isabelle lost her first tooth, and made the cutest angel with her gappy smile :-)

I did very well and received not just the cuttlebug I was pining for - but also a set of pink ghd's from carlos!! and also lots of other nice things like a gorgeous pink and fluffy dressing gown and slippers from my boy, who was buying gifts with his own money for the first time this year ;-) a Mojito kit (!!!) some perfume, two books - the shack & the boy in the striped pajamas, a lovely soft pink leather bag, and a funky travel wallet with a ladybird on, which I love. I also inherited Vin's ipod as he now has a new one - and this one hold 4 times the tracks my old one did, so i am well chuffed about that!

Carl got a DS Lite with guitar hero, books, and choccies - and his fave book is 50 people who buggered up Britain... got his name all over that one ;-)

Vin got a new ipod, vouchers for amazon and itunes, loads of clothes, music, and games for his ps2 and psp, books, heaps of mighty Boosh stuff, a pair of Converse, a pair of Vans and £75-00 which we went and spent yesterday, so he was well happy.

The only thing that spoilt it was the fact that me and Carlo now have the bug and feel like crap... I kid you not, this flu thing is damned nasty! It started to come on me the night before last, and by yesterday afternoon I felt dreadful. In fact I spent most of yesterday in bed - thank God I'd taken the boy shopping early, coz I'd never have dragged myself out after it kicked right in. I'm dosed up to the nines now and have a pan of chicken soup simmering... you can't help but feel a little sorry for yourself when you're ill at Christmas, can you?

Anyway - time for a Lemsip and a hot bath I think. I need to get better soon as we have my sis and bil coming for New Years and we're all going to a party. Fingers crossed we'll make it.

Hope you've all had a truly lovely Christmas, stay well, stay warm!


Pam said...

sounds like you had a great day Jake. I'm afraid I'm one who thinks xmas is for kids and that presents between the adults is just not needed.

Karen said...

Awww Jakey sorry to hear your not well. Hope you feel better soon. Take Care.

Bekka said...

Hope you are feeling better and I am glad it did not ruin Christmas too much!

The kids look adorable

Have fun


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Great kiddie pictures! :) Good to know you had a lovely family time.

Benga said...

I agree giftgiving and sharing is always a part of Christmas no matter how small. I skipped some gift givings too, due to budget constraint, I do hope the global economy will improve soon.

Happy New Year!

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