Thursday, June 05, 2008

which way round is it then...?

You know, they say Life imitates Art... or umm... should that be the other way round...?
I don't really know, :-D but I do sometimes think that the busier my life gets... the busier my layouts become! :-)

Prime example below:

(Whoops! Very wonky scan there!)

I just finished this for the Colour Combo challenge - I did my first one of these last week... and now I'm hooked. I blame Suzanne...

Anyways, another great challenge girls - so thanks for the inspiration :-)

Other news is there have been a few changes at
Mojoholder. One thing is we invited Paula Sealy onto the team along with another very talented lady called Leah from the USA - and both accepted. We are all really stoked to be working with these girls and can't wait to see what they come up with for our Friday night scraplifts :-) In addition, after an absence where life overtook her, Nickibee returns to MOJO so the place should be rockin in the next couple of weeks when the usual team are joined by the new girls - make sure you check us out here!

1 comment:

Paula Sealey said...

And I can't wait to get started!! Fab layout, the busier the better I say:)

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