Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not again..

Whenever I decide I'm going to keep my blog updated, stuff happens... and I can't.

I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I posted on here, but a lot's happened in between. A post or two back I hinted that I had some news, but it was still hush hush, so couldn't share. To be honest, that was family news, rather than anything a stray scrapbooker might find interesting, but at the time I couldn't really write about it - though I was bursting to.

The news was that my middle dd, who has no children yet, was finally expecting, and very very excited about it too. Her and Dan had discussed names, she'd had scans, and had booked flights home to shop shop shop... in pink or blue, but until they felt safe, they didn't want anyone to say anything - hence the need for me to keep quiet for just a bit longer.

Very sadly, things did not work out for them, and my girlie lost her baby last week. It's just so sad, and seems unbelievably unfair, as they'd waited a long time for this and the whole family felt for them because they'd only just told everyone....on Hayley's birthday... and within days, all their dreams had been dashed.

Jazz did an amazing job under incredibly difficult circumstances of looking after her big sister - and at a time when she has problems enough of her own, but the girls have a knight in shining armour in the guise of my son in law Erk, who secretly arranged for me to fly out to the island and surprise them last week. I'll never forget their faces when they saw me standing in front of them, and I'll never be able to thank Erk enough for making it happen.

We had a few tears, of course, but we had some laughs too, lots of family time in the sunshine, long walks by the sea and nice meals, and I left the girls with smiles on their faces on Monday night. I feel a whole lot better knowing they are ok and seem to be feeling more positive and calm now. I also managed to get plenty of scrapping material on my camera ;-) ( and a light tan..!) so I'll share a few pics now before I upload everything to snapfish for processing.

Rubes with his new DUDE...

And having a swim in auntie hayley's pool

Silly baby Jenna making everyone laugh, as usual :-)

Her boat doubles as a paddling pool

and she loves it!

No - i haven't had my hair cut! The girls made me tie it up... and I ended up burning my back and shoulders... doh!

Smiley Jenna in the sun with her Mummy

Er... how much 'tude??

Man, those chillies were HOT! (and obviously very scarey...)

No chillies for Minnie, but she enjoyed the barbie all the same :-)

How could there be long faces with this one around...

Hayley trying a smile on for size....

Me and the boy

Frozen strawberry daquiris @ our favourite lunch spot - the San Miguel bar in the Old Town.

And the man who can... my son in law Erkin.. what a love he really is.

Now, let's see if I can keep up with this thing.....

Huge thanks to everyone who sent me lovely messages over the last few days... Means the world, I promise.

jk x


Charlotte said...

Just love those pics of you with your babies and grand-babies Jakey, have been thinking of you all lots xxx

Maria said...

Loving those piccies and I'm sure you were just what your girlie needed.

Been thinking of you all xxx

Irene said...

Been thinking of you and yours Jakey. Glad to see that you shared some happy times with your girls.xox

Sandie said...

You and yours have been in my thoughts while you've been away. I am so glad that you left them with smiles on their faces. Thats what Mums are for xx

Paula S said...

Glad there was some happiness amongst the sadness. Lovely family pics:)

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