Saturday, December 15, 2007

surprisingly upbeat

Not sure why, but I'm feeling very mellow. Normally a broken car or something equally catastrophic would give me all kinds of kinds of the collywobbles, but somehow I just don't seem to be too worried. Sure, the cost is a bugger, especially right now... but even that's not enough to dampen my mood, which to be honest, is surprisingly upbeat as I write.

Thoroughly enjoyed the kid's Nativity last night, which saw Solomon taking a lead role - something we'd never have dreamed of when he started school. Even the head commented on how well he did - unbelievable for a boy who normally bursts into tears if he finds himself attracting too much attention. I was so proud of him, and me and his other Nannie almost clapped our hands off when he took a bow at the end. Isabelle was - of course - a star, playing her own part, and the part of another little girl who took sick.... :-) But then, there couldn't be enough attention in the world for that one!! Lol!

I do have photo's, but some are a little blurry, and others have stray children in so won't post them on here. Don't want to find myself in hot water for pasting up other people's kids without permission now do I?

A couple of layouts to share:

Last night's Mojoholder scraplift (emnol)

The boy looking delish as as usual, posing in a cute beanie hat :-) Loved the original, but not sure I really like my layout all that much, as I'm not mad on plain card backgrounds tbh. still, they're cute photos, if a little out of focus. (I was not the photographer... but I'm no better, so not sure why i'm even mentioning that lol!)

And a quickie I whipped up yesterday as it's so long since I scrapped I thought I might have forgotten how to do it and needed to get going again with something!


Paula said...

Gorgeous layouts as ever. You never lose your touch!

Sandie said...

I love your layouts! And glad you feeling a bit more upbeat hun x

Anonymous said...

Hello ma, loving the LOs, glad your feeling ok, love and miss you loads xxx

Kelly said...

i loved your los and esp the beanie one....such a cutie and glad youre feeling upbeat xxx

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