Saturday, December 22, 2007

it's in the air...

Christmas is in the air... along with 500 million viruses, bugs, and bacteria....

The petrie dish where I work has once again triumphed and brought my entire house down with some vile flu bug, which I personally, cannot shake off.

I am sick to death of feeling ill - this has been a week now and i've had enough.. to quote Hugh Grant: My face is in the butter...

I just don't wanna play anymore.

I should be having a wonderful and planning and organising... and I was! Until this kicked in, and it's just not fair. I feel robbed and cheated, and bloody well knackered. I also feel a bit scared because I can't breathe well today and have a pain in my chest, and as I already have asthma and have had pnuemonia before, I really don't want it to get any worse. Especially as my chances of seeing a doctor for antibiotics at this time of year is probably way way less than zero... Carl told me I should go days ago... but would I listen?

I've managed to do some of the housework I wanted to do. Carl helped me bless him, and I was grateful for that. But now i'm exhausted and can do no more. At least until I've had a rest. I wanted to go shopping but can't face it. Bad enough I have to go out tomorrow.. today I'm staying in, in the warm.

Maybe i'll have a little play with my scraps, but my creativity seems to be as weak as my poor tired bod, as I don't think I did a very great job on this LO yesterday, which was for last night's mojo holder. Shame, coz it's a nice pic, and the CS and papers are delish... I just didn't have any oomph about me, and it shows... Ah well, they can't all be fantastic, can they...

Be nice if the odd one was occasionally..... but there you go. A world class scrapper I aint ;-D

Hoping you are all feeling better than me... hugs
jk xx


Caroline said...

It's a lovely layout Jake and i feel as crap as you :) Stoopid lurgy!

Paula said...

Sorry you feel so crap at this time of the year. I ended up begin ill for my entire holiday entitlement & although i did get some crafting done it isn't fair, I feel cheated.
Try & get in somewhere if you can so you get better sooner. Mine went into a chest infection as it ws left untreated & you sound like you already have enough on your plate.
I do hope you manage to feel beeter for a wonderful Christmas & get some crafting done. I love your layout.

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