Thursday, December 13, 2007

mixed bag...

What do you want... the good news... or the bad news..?

Ok, we'll start with the bad news first.

The car is broken.
Broken, busted, and bloody well knackered, which is an awful pain as I really... really, don't want to be paying out on it right now. Less than a fortnight before Christmas, and less than a week since our little jaunt to the West Country, and our splurge on fun and frolics with the fam.

!!*Bugger Bum and Willies*!!

Clutch cables really pick their times, you know?

So, the car is stuck at work - which is ten miles from me, and I had to beg a lift home, and hopefully, a friend is arranging recovery tomorrow, and then, if he can he'll fix it over the weekend sometime. Assuming it is only the clutch cable, of course.....

So that's the bad news. Broken vehicles, and money for repairs.... I'd much rather be spending my dosh on something nice and pretty and patterned and papery ;-)

But such is life.

The good news is, we had a lovely time with the family last week, and I got some great fun photos, so now I've got over them leaving and going home until who knows when, I'm looking forward to scrapping my pics and sharing them on here.

We had a couple of days out shopping which they love, as Lanza just doesn't have all the shops and markets like we have here. I don't actually know how the plane took off with all their excess baggage but they got home alright, so it did somehow :-)

We ate loads of scrummy nosh, caught up on all our news, and on Thursday morning, took off for Cornwall to spend a few days with my sister in Truro.

On the Friday, we did a Murder Mystery Night, which was a scream. We'd had our characters for weeks, and they were so apt it was hysterical. Erkin, my son in law, who is a manager at Arrecife Airport, was Willie Crash, a pilot;

and Carlo (big Ju Jitsu man) was Marshall Hartz, owner of a Karate club :-)

I was Ginny Tonic - a writer and attractive barfly...... and I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions as to why I landed that role ;-)
While Vin was Dwayne Pokem - a guitar strummin country singer...

Jazz became Delores Delgatto - a waitress... The first job she had when she went to live in Lanza several years ago! Daave was Phil Muggs, the dodgy barman,

and my sis was Marlena, a mystery woman with a secret.... tho it looks like Jazz is the one hiding the secret here...

How Sanna found a box with such relevent characters in, is beyond me, but we had a total blast playing the game and everyone got right into their role, which made it all the more fun. It was set in a bar in Chigago, and nobody guessed the real murderer... who turned out to be ME!!!! Lol!!!

Next day we had 'Christmas Dinner' complete with pressies for all, where Sanna was assisted by her little helper - who even wore the T shirt to prove he was the boy for the job.

And it was just such a wonderful weekend, and over too soon, but we'll do it again for def, because it's far too much fun not to.

I'll leave you with some piccie's and hopefully I'll manage some layouts before Christmas.

I just cannot leave these baby's unscrapped!

Til next time!! Enjoy the season!! Take care!!

jake xx


Paula said...

Bugger the damn car!!!
Why do these things always go wrong when you have the least money to spare. Fortunately for me I don't drive but I do own frdige freezers etc that go on the blink when you need them to behave!
Gorgeous family shots. You all have a fabulous time. Reminds me of the Hula canvas you made for Scrapmagic seeing all the costumes & smiles.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Sandie said...

What a bummer about the car :( Especially at this time of year!!! I adore your family photos, they are just beautiful!

scrapdolly said...

so sorry about the car but I feel all full of the christmas spirit looking at your photos - they are so fun and happy and the christmas dinner looks such a fab time
Merry Christmas hun xxx

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