Saturday, November 10, 2007

wonderful surprise...

I got the most wonderful surprise today... Someone knocked on our door, and Vinnie answered. I was in the kitchen making hot chocolate, but I faintly heard a female voice asking if Mum was home...

Now, this voice was no ordinary voice. It was a distinctive voice, and the voice of only one person in the world.... I flew up the hall.... and yes! It was my long lost friend Eunice, who I haven't seen for four or five years since we lost contact... I don't know how... just like you do sometimes when life is busy and stuff is going on.

I threw my arms around her and Carlo came running - he'd heard me scream her name, and couldn't believe his ears... we love this girl SO much! She's more than a friend.. she's like a sister to me, and we have such history. It was like a lotto win. Just wonderful.

My God..!! mad group hugs in the hallway, and then she said she had a few hours and we just pulled her in... I can't tell you how happy this has made me. I'm actually choked to bits here writing it out, now that she's gone. I'm so so happy to have found her again it's not real.

I actually went to school with Eunie's younger brother; and tho she was initially friends with my Mum who worked with her, the real reason we are so close is that Eunice and Jen, my sister, became best friends. Those two were inseperable - incredibly close, and I was always with them, like a younger sister to them both, and I loved them dearly.

Eunice married a US Airforce man, and when they were stationed in Germany on the base, Jen and I would travel out there all the time to see them. We used to have some wild times, and oh, the memories I've got... just hysterical. Clarence took me to Trier, Cologne, Rudisheim, and so many other beautiful places, and taught me so much, but drove so many times over the border into Luxembourg where we should meet our train (which we always missed due to us girls being drunk and disorderly) that he got fined eventually for running a red light and refused to ever drive us anywhere again...

After her and Clarence divorced, (something I mourn to this day), Eunice once again settled in England, and we just carried on - our gang - Eunice, Queen Wah (JenJen)Mosh, Gilly, Di, me, Spam-pauline, et al... and we had some fantastic times, just being young and mad, and if I'm honest, probably quite naughty. But it was when we lost Jen that it all fell apart.

Me and Eunie stayed friends of course, but she'd moved to Ireland, and we wrote, but never phoned much coz she lived in the sticks... and stuff. Her girlie - who was my babysitter, grew up, and so did my kids...and though we made all these promises... still we lost touch.

But today, she came back. And I swear, I will never lose her again.

I know that tonight I'll dream of all the mad, fun old days, the holidays... parties, trips to Europe on coaches, ... the dancing, and carrying on, and singing... amazing that tomorrow's Poppy day, and one of our fave drunken sing-a-long songs was always the green Fields of France; The late night talking shit and telling lies - as Simone always put it... The times we tied people's feet to the door, nights in the Mean Fiddler, the 'Ferier' in the days we played hard in Funkyrola, and the dreaded Rotunda; and all the nights here, with a carry out and the kids... Ah....rare old times.

I never expected today to be a good day... but finding my mate made it so. We laughed til we cried today and I can't wait to see her again. We're going out to Ireland in the Spring, and she's coming here soon after.

If you've a mate you haven't heard from for a while, get on that phone... don't be me. Don't ever risk losing someone you love. It can happen in the blink of an eye. Not everyone gets the chnce to find them again.

MOJOHOLDER this week:
Entitled Hat Trick, as she's the 3rd baby in the family Lol!

A lift from
Nura Kief... such a talented girlie!

Ok... think I'm gonna re-take up knitting..... so with that in mind, I was bargain hunting...

Now that's what I CALL a BALL of wool!! Lol!
And here we have it with a normal sized ball, for comparison.... see why I snapped it up for 50p, eh?
And while bargain hunting with Vin - he does love 'thrift' shops coz that's where Kurt shopped... ;-) I found this lil beaut for the princely sum of 99p!

And after a quick play... Viola!! My new button tin lol!

I've been trying to post this for hours... but X factor is on... me and jazz were laughing today - I have finally become one of those people I used to laugh at... someone I would have talked about in mocking terms... Someone who watches X factor, and KNOWS thier NAMES! And you know what? It's great fun - I LOVE the X Factor! Lol Lol Lol!


em said...

Jakey, reading your post I can tell how much fun you had- kinda reminds me of the craziness with my pal Wend. I've just been in contact with her too -isn't it fab reliving the 'wild times' LOL!
Oh, and I loved your Mojo LO this week - what a cutie x

Sarah Youde said...

So great to find long lost friends! I bet you are still smiling!

I love the X-Factor too lol, unbelievably I love Same Difference lol - I hated them in boot camp but now I love them! oh nd Rydeon :)

I have been knitting again lately, I am making Charlotte a pink fluffy teddy bear :)

Paula Sealey said...

What a fabulous story about you and your friend, she sounds like someone to treasure:)

Love the layout you've posted, and the button box is so snazzy, not to mention handy!

Thanks for the comments you left on my blogxx

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