Sunday, November 04, 2007

Crikey - tagged again!!

This time from Sandie - thanks hon :-)

1. I am stickles mad and own dozens of different colours (own, but not necessarily use, you understand..)
2. I was once a very good darts player and have met many world champions. John Lowe was my fave.
3. I can't bear to put my head under water in the pool or sea. I'm probably the only person in the world who swims almost upright lol!
4. I'm a junk shop junkie - just love rummaging!
5. I love olives and pickles with breadsticks - any kind will do!
6. My ex bought me two woolly mice for my 19th birthday. (live animals, not knitted ones !)
7. I love the Sea.

{Not gonna tag anyone else as everyone I know's done this one already :-) but if you fancy a go - you're tagged!

Some people have asked where all the baby pictures are, so here are a few I took one day in the late afternoon, with the sun just falling through the window. I'm no photographer as anyone will tell you, but these were actually taken by me with the camera in my right hand, while she's sleeping in my left arm!!

And considering that I couldn't see a thing - I think they turned out pretty well... lol :-)

They're just as they came out of the camera btw - no lighting or touching up, so I might get some improvement if I have a play in PSE.

Me and her Mum are chuffed with them as they are, anyway. See what you think?


suebaru said...

Jakey, those photos are just beautiful -no photoshopping needed!!

Carrie said...

Those are beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

Shayna Lou said...

i think she may be the most beautiful babe i've ever laid eyes on...(well, aside from my own of course, LOL!) absolutely gorgeous jakey - tell your dot she did a fantastic job!

much love,

mel said...

She is just sooo gorgeous :D

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