Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ready to Rock! And some Great News!

Home again - and raring to go!
The trip to Lanzarote was short, but sweet. We had a great time and seeing the kids was fab, especially as Ruben had his birthday while we were out there. Yep, the little dude was 3 last Friday and we had a party in the garden to celebrate.

Actually it was a week for birthdays, because Mattie turned 1 the day before we left! It's impossible to think she's one already but there you go - doesn't seem five minutes since I was announcing her birth on here!

Here's the little scamp. She's just started walking so we bought her a lil buggy and a dolly, but she was all over the place on the laminate floor! Bless!! She absolutely loved it when everyone sang Happy Birthday, and we only had to sing it about nine times before she got fed up and set of for another waltz round the shiny floor.... Bambi on Ice springs to mind... ;-)

Such a pretty little poppet, she had a lovely party and had us all in pleats trying to sing along to the birthday songs :-)

And this is Rubie on his birthday - not very excited as you can see!

And blowing his candles out. After this he proceeded to scoff the mini Thomas train off the cake...! Well, it was his cake I s'pose :-)

The baby is just too adorable for words... but she can yell!! Last words Jazz said to me as I was leaving was "don't leave me with her Mum!!" Lol! And I could still hear her crying in my head as we flew home. Poor little scrap is collicky and I can remember too well the evenings spent walking Vinnie up and down the hall in the dark trying to get him to settle, when he was tiny. Hopefully won't last too long, because it's terrible to have a crying baby and no way of making things better.

She's going to be beautiful tho and at the moment still has very blue eyes. Looks like her hair will go fair too, like Ruben's, so with her dark complexion she'll be stunning. Well, I would say that - I'm her nan! lol!

I have some scrapping news too - but mostly it's a bit old now. I just have been so so busy and no time to post on here at all. I even had to work yesterday... and everyone in the world knows I don't DO Fridays!

1st piece of news - I won a place on Scrapping Goodies DT! I am SO excited to be joing Rach and her fab team.

The other girl picked with me was Marja Lindstrom, who is a fantastic scrapper and has the most gorgeous baby pics to work with :-).

Other team members are Rachel Pine - kit club owner, Rachel Millington, aka Taniwha, who I am just totally in awe of, and Ally, who's on a short break at the mo.

Do check out Rach's kits as they're fantastic value for money and beautifully designed and put together. I can't wait to get my mitts on december's kit and see what I can do with it, but in the meantime don't forget to check out the gallery there and see what the other amazing scrappers are currently offering up inspiration wise!

Here's a piccy of November's kit - American Crafts, and also check out the recycled kits on site as Rach has some amazing offers on part kits from previous months. You will not believe the bargains on offer there! Whoops.. bit fuzzy, but you get the idea. The pic on the site is better.

And finally, I won something! Yeah ME!!!!! Never been heard of I know, but I did. I won a gorgeous chipboard mini book by Magistical Memoreis on Scrapajack.

My book is a tall pumpkin and it's blooming gorgeous and just look what Cheryl Mezzetti did with it...

seriously can't imagine mine being that gorgoeus when I'm finished with it... but it's something to aspire to anyway .

Off to scrap now! Happy weekend everyone :-)


Paula said...

Fabulous photos. Both children are so cute.
Fab pumpkin book, love how you decorated it.
Well done on making the DT. Rachel (Taniwha) is my team mate from UKS, she adores all the kits.
She selected me personally for the team after reading my blog so I always feel very privileged!
We are doing a team CJ & I have just had the honour of doing two layouts in hers!! She is very inspiring. But I always found your layouts totally awesome each month in SB Magic. I miss those days.

Laura G said...

ohhh they are all looking gorgeous!! fab news on the dt!!!!

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