Saturday, November 17, 2007

If I went anywhere this week... I was running - forrest style!

So busy making plans and getting things sorted. Once again my week has run away with me, but i've managed to get slightly ahead on the scrapping front which is good, and makes me feel a little calmer lol! Jazz and Erk and the kids will be visiting soon, and I've loads of stuff to get sorted with the girls re january.. shhh... very secret squirrel stuff going on ;-)

A couple of bits I can post now.

This is a layout I did, just because. The photo is totally blurry and out of focus, but it's a picture I've always loved. Vin was running round the top of the garden like a wild thing, completely excited by the many falling, swirling , leaves and I tried to snap him but the movement created the blur I guess. It was years ago when he was still very small. Those days he was ill a lot, and wasn't often well enough to run about outside, so the fact that he was out there and having so much fun made it a good day. Anyways, poor as it is, I'm happy it's scrapped. I wasn't at all sure about the BG cut out's when I got them in a kit, but I think they look ok on the page. Whether any more will make it onto a layout is anyone's guess... but at least I used some of them :-)

And this one is my
mojoholder submission from last night. Dear lil Minnie moo moo (Meemee) scoffing the remains of my ice cream in Matagorda. Funny little dog then got brain freeze, and went crazy... cracking us all up. I swear that mutt would eat anything offered her!

But...oh... look at her sweet face!!

And lastly, my All About Eve layout from last Monday.

This challenge was
Love your Body - not something i'm actually very good at!

Well, what woman is? Under the constant media bombardment of beautiful, slim, young, airbrushed models and actresses, it's easy to feel self conscious and inadequate, and besides - most of us cringe from the idea of blowing our own trumpet and drawing attention to ourselves. I know I do anyway, and many of my friends tell me they feel the same. So when this challenge came up I wasn't keen, but being the trooper I am, I got on with it , and decided to scrap about my height - or lack of it. Even my youngest kid is taller than me now, and while I used to hate being so little, these days I just don't mind that much anymore. In fact I actually quite LIKE being small... and as my darling old Mum used to say... all the best things come in little packages.

Well, she would - she was even smaller than me!!!! Lol!!!

(Journalling reads: So the kids are all taller than me. Tower over me in fact. What do I care? You know what they say... all the best things come in little packages. I love being small.)


Paula said...

Its very scary how fast these weeks are flying. I have been ill for 7 weeks, caught a cold & then another beore it was gone & then another until my system couldn't cope. I have spent a week on antibiotics & felt like crap my crafting has sufferd but my AAE page is almost done!!!
Love your page (s), fab all of them & I love how these Eve challenges make us look at ourselves.

MsGrace said...

Love your pages!!

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