Monday, August 23, 2010

Bad times....

It's all gone downhill since Friday....

1) I've been really unwell. I've had the mother of all colds, an unbeleivably sore throat and bad head, and have felt totally wretched. I still do tbh, I still feel very under the weather - and now completely stressed as well :-(

2) Vin's stuck in Lanzarote and can't get home until tomorrow afternoon, well, it will be night by the time he get's here. Ordinarily, this wouldn't really matter, but right now it does as he has forms to fill in for this university place, funding to apply for - stuff which should have been done urgently yesterday and emailed back to them, but which obviously hasn't been done as he's not here to do it. On top of that it's now going to cost him a fortune to get back as we can't risk standby anymore... he's missed work, driving lessons....It's all turned into a nightmare, and I've felt sick with the stress of it all day. I'm gutted he's got to pay a huge flight home, but I can't do this on my own, he needs to be here if he wants to do the degree.

With being ill, and all this going on, I've not been feeling very crafty, but I have started the Chicks album, and by keeping it very simple - as I intended to - I've managed to get a few pages done. The photos are not brilliant, I might try again when I feel better.

Had to smile to myself using the TWIST TIE, i'm sure that's one of the things we laughed about on UKS... fancy me still having some of those tucked away - truth is I've got LOADS! lol.

Over on Scrapology we are offering some blog candy in the form of lots of gorgeous halloween goodies, all you have to do is leave a comment and follow the blog... simples!

Plus there's still time to enter to win this prize in the August scraplift challenge! Get over there!

more soon


Alison said...

I really like the album, Jake - bright and sunshiney yellow - happy! Sorry to hear it's been a stressful time - hope you feel better very shortly, and Vin gets home to get those forms filled. x

Linda said...

Lovely album.

Hope Vin is home safely now and you are feeling better.


Anita said...

Hey Hun.... hope things are on the up for you now both with feeling better and that your Vin is back home and able to sort Uni things out.
Loving the look of the chick a dee album, lovely and bright and lots of fabby

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