Sunday, August 08, 2010

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I am surrounded by Leo's in my life. My brother, sister, daughter, son, grand daughter and son in law were all born under the zodiac sign of the Lion so as you can imagine, July and August are expensive months for us.

I actually sent my sister a card from Moonpig because this company is a favourite of our family as we like to personalise things where possible, however I couldn't resist making her a little card too and as she's fanatical about her allotment and mad on gardening in general, I knocked this up for her this morning:

Other news is Carlo has cleared the top of our garden which was nothing short of a wilderness tbh, and has started making a new patio. We've had the millstone for years and always intended making a water feature of it with pebbles and a fountain, something like this......

.....but since we never got round to it, he's decided to use it as a centrepiece and build a circular patio instead. This is up the top of the garden and is bathed in sunlight morning and evening now we've had the tree surgeon in to blitz the huge ugly sycamore which has blighted the garden for years. I am SOOOOO happy about this! We're going to make it really lovely up there, paint the wall and put all our pretties we've collected on our travels on show so when we sit down to relax we can remember all the lovely places we've been and all the nice hols we've had. It won't quite be the Med, but we can pretend ;-)

It's nowhere near finished of course, but at least it's started and i've completely abandoned the idea of keeping chickens altogether now.... don't want to share my tranquil area with a bunch of noisy messy hens do I!

And my final piece of news is that I've been invited by some friends to join a new blog where we will be offering up some inspiration and asking people to share their ideas with us too. It's been a while since I was involved in anything scrappy as a few months ago I took a big step back from everything crafty and gave up all my DT's and commitments due to overload and burnout. I totally lost my mojo and with it all interest, and well, basically I just needed a break, but I'm back crafting again - even blogging! - and I think i'll enjoy the challenge, so I hope you'll pop along to Scrapology - Adventures in Scrapbooking... when it goes live tomorrow to see what you think of our new project :-)

more soon


Lynn said...

Jakey your little sun trap sounds great, can't wait to see it complete. Will make a fab layout too. Love the card you made, what a lovely idea.

Looking forward to tomorrow's new start too. x

Anita said...

Jake, your garden/patio looks fab so far, I shall look forward to following its progress and growth. Cute card, loving those dear little seed packets, I bet she loved it.
Can't wait for us all to get our teeth into the new venture too, its going to be good :).xx

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