Friday, April 27, 2012

Phew...! I might not post here any more but when I got a mail from blogger saying upgrade or you're gone by May I nearly fainted! After losing everything... and I mean everything, following a total hard drive motherboard failure, this is the only place with memories left... so sad about that, I couldn't let the old blog go. So hoping, really really hoping that i've done this right - after a right job trying to log in - and this is now here to stay, just for me in me maudlin moments.. ;-) This post is just a trial.


Anita said...

Well it worked Girlie ;) xx good to see you xx

Laura G said...

Yay! Hopefully not just maudlin- dont want you having to many but do want hear from you! Nice to see you back xx

Paula Jane Atkinson said...

Hey Jakey, hope you are keeping well.
I had Motherboard failure in March and while the hardrive is supposed to be intact, it is still in the old machine & like you, my blog & the mojoholder blog was the only place to recover some of my work. I had backed up the system to an external drive but it didn't all transfer.
Good to see all our DT work is still out there for inspiration, i miss the girls & the fun we had.
Stepped out of scrapping for almost two years but am back with an 8x8 album on page 7 so far!!!
Paula Pixiex

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