Saturday, March 20, 2010

home at last!

It's been a busy busy time!

Had heaps going on with work stuff, family, and my dad especially, but all's good now, and we've also had a lovely holiday with the family in Lanzarote, and in fact only got back 24 hours or so ago.

I'd love to have something crafty to share today, but sadly there's been no time. I wish there had. I do still love to play with my pretties when I can, but sometime's there's just no way and i'm learning to accept that, if reluctantly.

Have a few holiday pics tho, mainly for the family, but feel free to have a gander if you've nothing more interesting to do.


And the lil PEEPS!

more soon, luv to all

1 comment:

Cath x said...

Gorgeous pictures Jakey. Hope you had a fab timexx

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