Wednesday, April 08, 2009

where do you look when it's gone...

Still struggling with time here and as I have my peeps coming over from Lanzarote in a few days that's not going to get better for a while :-) It seems ages since we saw the fam, but we have a few things planned so hopefully if the weather's on our side we should be able to get out and about a bit and maybe get some nice photos of the action. And if not, well, it'll be lovely to see them anyway!

First up is a LO for Magistical Memories

I'm still sorely lacking in mojo so none of the stuff i'm producing at the moment is really inspiring, but i'm trying to get to grips with regular scrapping again, however, it's not coming easy. I've never felt like this before, not ever - so am I finally bored of the whole thing? Or is it just that so much is going on behind the scenes that my creativity's simply blocked? So that I can't get lost in my papers and stuff? I don't know... but it's making it very very hard right now. The bottom line is, I really have no desire or ideas :-(

This LO uses this delicate bird which I painted white with acrylic, and some gorge flowers from a friend... thanks Deb :-)

And this simple LO was made as a tribute to our dear old cat, Henry, who we lost last year and still miss so much. I used the scribble flower, to signify that he is buried in his fave spot in the garden under the flowers.. the old rascal always insisted on plonking himself right there in the sun.

More soon.... maybe.


Bekka said...

have a fab time with the family :-D I am sure having them around will energise you even more.

Thank you for sharing your work - I love looking at them and hope there are more soon

Have fun

Paula said...

It's hard when the 'block' arrives. I just gave up scrapping for a few months when that happened to me.

I soon realised that is doesn't matter if I don't scrap everyday or even every week, just when the mood takes me.

I'm sure 'the urge' will come back to you:)

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