Saturday, April 11, 2009

love love love holiday times!

The family arrive this week!!! :-)
Everyone's getting very excited and we can't wait to be together again, tho it means a very busy couple of weeks ahead. My birthday falls in the middle of it all and we have so much to fit in :-) Grandson Sollo's birthday celebrations today, the guys arrive on thursday, and then on friday we're going here!!

Erm.... don't look if you have a sensitive disposition!

We have shopping to do, meals to eat, drinks to drink, games to play and stories to be shared and laughed about for a few days... :-D before Jazz and Erk take the kids to a holiday camp at the seaside... (mainly because Erkin's never been on a caravan holiday (bless him) and Jazz wants him and the kids to experience the sort of holidays she enjoyed as a child.)

On the friday they go, my sister and bro in law will be coming up and we're hoping to barbeque round first born's, then on the Sat me and Carlo head back to London for the British Music Experience; a roast down the pub on Sunday, and Birthday Do for me on Monday! Then we'll have a few more days with the fam doing days out to the farm etc before they fly home to Lanza... phew! I think there's more... but I forget. Photos to follow.

I managed to complete mojoholder last night though I was a bit disappointed as mine looks wonky instead of deliberately set at an angle as I intended. It looked ok... but then I decided to tear the paper, and after that it didn't... lol.

Ah well, it tells a tale. Ruben calls turtles 'dude's' - all of them. Remember the west coast hippy turtles in Finding Nemo....? "whoa dude...!" well, this giant green chap is therefore his 'dude'... and he loves him. So, there you go.. dude love - nothing to do with american wrestlers at all ;-)

Sketch by Sarah

more later, if I find time... ;-)
thanks for dropping by.


Bekka said...

Goodness what an exciting time you have planned

Enjoy it all


PS Love the colours on the LO :-D

suebaru said...

Hope you have fun with the family,fingers crossed for the weather!

Edleen said...

love your green page!
hope you're having a wonderful time with family :)

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