Tuesday, June 27, 2006

waiting for the sun

where has the sunshine gone?

We spent all last weekend in the garden - a sort of mini fest in our own back yard...

Sat and Sun we watched the footy on a tv Carl rigged up outside. We barbequed, we had drinks. In between games we played music and chilled... boules, poker and quizes. We collected wood from the wilderness at the top of the garden, and later when it got cold we snuggled under fleeces on our creaky old lawn chairs and watched the wood crackle and burn in the chimneria, while scoffing cookies.

This is what we do.

When it's nice....

When it's cold and grey we just moan and whine for the sun. Praying for a nice weekend - there's football on, doncha you know :-)


Clare said...

I spy a new blog addict :D

jake said...

I hope not Clare ;-) I've no time as it is!

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