Thursday, June 29, 2006

Def the Dude

Yep. That's Vin with his mate Joe.

That is, THE Joe. You know... JOE ELLIOT! Of Def Leppard!

This guy had just finished a sell out concert at the Hammersmith Apollo... and here he was, making a young boy's dream come true before he'd even finished his first drink!

I'm not even sure of the name of this one - Viv somone...he's a guy in the band. Not as nice as Joe, I'm told, but he did pose for a pic so obviously not that bad! Anyway, you can see Vin's backstage pass on his top - before he lost it!

Yeah! LOST IT......! A scrapbookers kid - can you believe it? Luckily Carl managed to hang onto his one til they got home. He knows it would be more than his life's worth to come back without an embellie for my page!

And here's Vin showing Joe the pic he took on his phone... proof for the kids at school was a necessity, of course!

Anyway, the boys had one fantastic night! Watched the show, hobnobbed in the VIP lounge, and then went to the Band's Hotel for the after show party....! That's the sort of stuff a 13 years old's dreams are made of. Mega huge thanks to Erk and Demi for flying in from Lanza to take them up for the show, and the biggest thank you in the world to Dem for arranging it all with his longtime buddy, Mr Elliot.


Jo said...

Oh wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!! Going green again here!!!!Vin looks so chuffed!

(BTW it's Viv Campbell and he used to be in Whitesnake - my all time fave band!)

jake said...

Thanks Jo!

You can tell how much I know about these things... :-)

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