Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bloody hell! I cannot believe I am still sitting here! I've faffed around for hours, when I have so much to do.... but what the hell? Tomorrows another day, as they say.

Well, actually, looking at the clock, I see that's actually today.... but I've never been known as the early night girl, so no change there.

I wanted to post this layout before I went to bed.

I've had a bit of a block lately, due to no time, and a million things on my mind, and there hasn't been a lot of scrapping going on, apart from stuff I've done for work, so it was nice to just make something I wanted to make and to make it any way I wanted to. It's about Vin, and for Vin, so i did it in the style he likes best. Ripped and scuffed and grubbied up. That's ma boy! Anyway, he likes it, and that's what matters, but I had a bit of fun painting and stamping and messing about.

Lem sent me some of her new chipboard, which is fabby and also some scrumptious ribbon so that went on there too - if you've got something new, you have to use it. Straight away!!! Everyone knows that! Hee hee!

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Pam said...

Love this LO- it is so cool.

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